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بیوگرافی: Our History
Shandong Huimen Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. established a small production plant in 2015 to enter the geotechnical industry, and introduced investment in 2020 to formally build a factory.
Our Factory
Located in Jining City, Shandong Province, China, and its production base is located in Guangzhou, China, it is a geotechnical building materials enterprise integrating production and sales.
Our Product
The main products of the company are: lawn edging, tree root control container, Tree Staking Kit, tree drip bag, Plant Rooting Ball, ecological plants floating pot island etc.

Product Application
The products produced by our company are widely used in landscaping projects, water conservancy projects, horticultural maintenance and planting, etc.
Product Market
The sales model includes independent sales and OEM, and the current main market is ChinaEdge

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